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Just imagine when 700,000 less pellet heads hit the waters in the coming years. Some dude who cant rope 5 barely legal fish in the first 10 mins will have a heart attack.

The fish commission could cut costs. STOP PUTTING TROUT IN STREAMS THAT CANT SUPPORT THEM YEAR ROUND. Bald eagle creek gets the most influx of stocked fish. From the bridge in milesburg up from about June on that water is so low, so warm that it supports rockbass and smallmouth. Its not a trout stream.

Cut the limit, stock brook trout fingerlings into native streams that can support trout populations and stop raising fish to put in a stream one day so someone can eat them the next.

That money could go much further in raising fingerlings of other species which the lakes and rivers can support. Turning trout fishing into a game of numbers caught easily was a financial nightmare from the word go.

If you really want to eat fish, head down to howard, it has a panfish infestation.

Someone will be here shortly to tell me that the majority of license sales is based on trout fishing. Im here to tell you that mentalities need changed.

Believe me, if anyone thinks closing the bellefonte hatchery is a shame, its this guy who grew up less than a half a mile from it on its sustaining creek.
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