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PETA Supporters???

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Does anyone here know where you can find a full list of companys that support PETA and other anti-hunters organizations. I really do not want support any of that Bull. The way that this world is going got put all the money to the cause!
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'd have to look. I've seen some lists here and there, but not a full list of antihunting organizations.

Off the top of my head.

Ben and Jerry's
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Levi Jeans
Time Warner

I'd have to look up the rest. There are a bunch out there and I applaud your Thread.
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Google is a big one.
Coors? As in Coors Light? Oh no! How can they support PETA. So many rednecks drink their product.
Double Lung 20 said:
Coors? As in Coors Light? Oh no! How can they support PETA. So many rednecks drink their product.
Yup and I've wondered the same thing for years. Any time I brought it up the response was "I don't care, I can drink 20 of them before I get a buzz".
Where did you get this info?
By searching. For years I've been looking into things like this. I'm the type of guy that buys american and shops at Ma & PA stores instead of Walmart. I just like to be informed.

Thing with Coors and probably most of the companies that donate to antis is, they just want them off their back and keep them quite. The Coors people are hunters from what I've heard.

It's no excuse imo though. Be a man and stand by your principles. Not give out money like it's candy. Either way it's funding.
jimsdad said:
Lizards ar not to be trusted.
I thought the insurance companies wanted all the deer dead?
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I only can find that Coors field was listed in PETAS list of best vegetarian ballparks.
It's not just about PETA. There are many anti-hunting groups out there.
While we are on this topic. Another related issue. Stop buying Citgo gas as Citgo is owned by Venezuela and therefore run by America hating Hugo Chavez. (Well at least for a little longer anyway.)
I believe the Humane Society is anti-hunting. They do a lot of great things for domestic animals, unfortunately they can't keep it at that.
PETA. Yeah I suport them. People Eating Tasty Animals. Just had a plate of grilled backstrap medium rare for my daily suport of the program.
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is very anti-hunting. Do not confuse them with your local Humane Society. Your local groups do great things for unwanted animals. HSUS spends millions each year on anti-farming, hunting, and exotic legislation. Only 1% of HSUS' budget makes it to local shelters. . .
No more levis for me only buying wranglers now, wonder way levis never advertised on the outdoor hunting channels
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