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Perry County, what's going on?

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I haven't heard anything from Perry Co. since deer season. My grandson got a nice gobbler the 1st day,21 LBS. 10" beard 1 1/8" spurs. I'm going up to the cabin over Memorial Day weekend. Planning on doing some trout fishing on Sherman's creek and Bixler Run. Also planning on eating some Chicken BBQ from King's Bakery and maybe a raspberry pie. Anything happening over that weekend to go to?
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YH, I did a little google search for you, and really couldn't find any special events in Perry county this weekend. Maybe somebody else knows something I don't. With a little trout fishing and BBQ at King's, it sounds to me like you're on the right track though.
Have a great time. Nothing like camp in western Perry! BTW, congrats to your grandson on his fine gobbler.
Been in western Perry County about 5 times this year. We're going back this weekend. First time all my kids will be in Perry County since my mother died in 2007. I was born and raised there and can't wait to get everyone together. Kings is definitely on our list of stops. You know they don't have chicken barbecue every weekend? Might have it for the holiday.
LOVE Kings bakery! That bavarian one she makes is amazing. It's a meal in itself! Anyone over that way been to Books' lately?
Just got back after 4 days in Blain Germantown area. Great weekend seeing old friends. Did Kings, the hotel and Books and no changes. I did hear Books is for sale. Probably better fishing than hunting in this weather. I did neither. Just lots of food,drinks and friends.
Books is for sale again??? New owner hasn't had it very long.
Had a good time this weekend. Went to Blain Hotel for breakfast, very good. King's for chicken bbq and a raspberry pie and a few other goodies. Went trout fishing on Sherman's creek for a little bit, caught 3 trout. Ran into a friend at King's and he invited us over Saturday night. They have a feeder out back and 2 different bears have been coming in. About 8:45 a big one came in. We watched it for about 20 minutes then his light burned out. Can't wait to go back up in 2 weeks with the grandkids.
Feeder out while it's still turkey season ? has to be Baileys
Looking forward to Perry Co. come Bass season.
I'll be heading to Liverpool to fish the Susqy.
It's wonderful to hear about your recent time in Perry County, guys. Keep the reports coming. Also, I certainly hope that Book's doesn't change if there's new ownership. That's one of the things that makes that area great, IMO.
Just talked to the owner of Books. Taking some treestands up to him this coming weekend to save him the shipping charges. Didn't say anything about it being for sale But then for the right price everything is for sale. The next bbq at Kings is July 4th weekend and also the yard sale. Tuscarora Heritage Days is coming up in a few weeks 16th-19th outside of East Waterford. And there is still a pile of fish in the creeks from Fowlers Shermans Bixlers Sheaffers Browns.
Any new reports from Perry County? Now that summer is winding down, just curious as to who has been to camp, and what they did and saw.
I was up 2 weekends ago. A friend has a camp a few miles from mine. He has a corn bake every year. We went to that on Saturday. It was really hot and humid. Friday night was not good sleeping weather. Saturday afternoon bad thunder storms came through and cooled things off a little. We went to a carnival at Path Valley in Fulton County Saturday evening. We spotted deer a little on the way back. Saw a couple buck, one real nice one. Did a little work around the cabin, but it was too hot to do much of anything outside to exerting. Played some games with the grandkids, cards, chess, and scrabble. Had a good time. Wish it would have been a bit cooler. The Blain Picnic was canceled due to lack of help,they said.
I was just in PC a bout a week ago. Really hot dry summer. My buddy's corn is in rough shape. But we're seeing some really good buck on private land around Blain and west. I'll be back in a couple weeks for a friend's pig roast. Then again October 1. I hope I can spend some time down there in archery season. It looks promising.
Thanks everyone for the updates. Hope to get back up to PC before long myself, just not quite sure when. Anyone else with an update?
Been to camp the last couple weekends. Putting a new roof on had Billy Smith dump a triaxle of shale to take care of the water running off the road problem and washing things out. Put a 6" hump at the driveway and sloped it towards the road. Also put a new outhouse up with a tank under it. Did board and batten on the outside. Really happy with the results. Seeing a few bucks on the trail cams which is a good thing. Going up for the Juniata county fair and the Tusky 50 this weekend.
Haven't heard anything from Perry county camps in awhile. Anyone been to camp recently and have anything to share? Any updates would be super.
Hello..just seen this today and I hunt just off of back hollow Rd up on bowers mountain.. we have been up a couple sat now luck but seeing deer bear and turkey ... have a couple nice ones on cam to ..
Anybody up around Horse Valley? I came up over New Germantown Road to hunt Kansas Valley this past Saturday and wondered if Concord Road was opened up to Horse Valley Road. I know it was closed some years ago, but looking at the sign on the open gate made me wonder if it is opened at the Horse Valley Road end.
Good updates everyone. RTK, I spoke to the forest service about the Concord Road closure some time ago. They said it was closed because at the north (or west) end, it goes through private ground and the landowner didn't want folks driving thru their property. That's the last I knew unless something has changed.
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