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Pennsylvania State Senate

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March 8, 2023 01:48 PM
Senator Lisa M. Boscola
All Senate members
Changing Opening Day of PA Deer Rifle Season
In the near future, I intend to introduce legislation that will permanently move the opening day of Pennsylvania Deer Rifle Season back to the Monday after Thanksgiving.

The annual deer rifle season is special in Pennsylvania. My office received a number of letters and phone calls regarding the impact of moving opening day to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Local business owners and hunters seem aligned that the move of opening day has hurt businesses and many of the traditions associated with the longstanding original opening day. Currently, deer season begins the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It has been this way since a change in 2019.

This legislation will not affect Sunday hunting, nor will it determine the duration of the season. It is my hope that you will join me in supporting legislation to change opening day back.
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..... I have not heard one legitimate reason for opposition,..........
but...but tradition.......but,,but someone is loosing their lively hood....but...but...shops are closing..but but..I feel rushed but ...but ..AND WE CAN"T BLAME TRUMP NOW !!!!!
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...people STILLLLLLLLLLl cryn about more days to hunt....go figure. 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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UMMMM......this is only a memoranda.....will be years if it EVEN gets off the desk.....and it will likely go right into the trash.
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I would rather see hunting die altogether than see it shift to accommodate the societal changes of today.
..not me...I'll never stop hunting.
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...I like the Sunday rifle hunting...should be all species...all seasons. A day is a day. My choice.
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Huh? ........but I'd have all of 30 minutes legal light...and I'd whizz off a bunch of guys already posted up going in.
...all it takes is a minute.
How in the world did you forget this ISN'T about what others's about what you want...Only you can take care of you.
....maybe you walking in moves a deer to one of those guys. And they be like- BANG...T H A N K YOU......
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Reactions: 4 mandatory practice.
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,,,and for the people that don't have family?

This is just a big whining, crying circle of excuses not to expand on MORE's almost like a bad jealousy which comes down to -instead of worrying about what someone else does or does not do...they need to deal with it, make the most of it and move on.
Or maybe everyone is just too ignorant to the other options being pressed to the state of hunting....I'll call it IGNORANCE...plain and simple.
Pa whining hunters are their own worst enemy....more opportunities = more crying.
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Ok, buck kill was down, why? What is that information telling us? How many factors were there that could lead to a reduced harvest total?
It's ALL estimated matter what the proven formula is NOT the actual numbers.
Well many factors:

Not reporting
processing own deer and not reporting
The weather was wet
The weather was too dry
The weather was to cold
The weather wasn't cold enough
There wasn't snow
Donald Trump
There wasn't enough snow
There was too much snow
The buck was too small
People are looking for a bigger buck like they see all over the internet.
The crossbow guys are killing them all
The archery guys are killing them all
The rut was over
The rut didn't begin
The rut was in full swing but the hot doe was somewhere else
The buck smelled the hunter before the hunter saw the buck
It just isn't important to some
They shot a doe(1)
They shot another doe(2)
They shot yet another doe(3)
Their kid shot a doe
Their kid shot another doe
Their kid shot yet another doe
The economy
They missed the buck
They could count the points (not enough)
They couldn't see the points
All the bucks are on private land
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What day do I prefer the opener to be?
...any day but Monday?
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It was a joke about the coke, the only thing that鈥檚 been up my nose in 56 years is my finger! Some of you folks need to relax!! can pick your nose. can pick your friends. can pick your friends nose.
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Reactions: 2 we've said before...if these businesses depend on a this Saturday and or Sunday once a year need to either go back to school or face the fact that the internet and wallyworld, amozon, and fast food isn't going anywhere...and covid bs affected EVERYTHING which are the REAL reasons for losing money...not hunters bypassing their "store".
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17 members is not a lot of support as of now.

...and what business has claimed a "loss" of $200,000 in 5 years / 2 days a year? = $20,000 in revenue a day?
My new math :
Revenue lost =$206,000 in 5 years/3 days a year= $13,733 day

...This does include COVID19 restrictions for 2 years figured in correct?....what about his on-line sales bottom line over this time frame?.....what about supply of products, or lack there of, during Covid restrictions/shut downs...and even now for figuring loses...? product=no sale
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Covid wasn't a factor?
OK thanks..Saturday started in 2019...This article was written In Jan's now 2023..I was rerouted to 2023 paper so there was confusion on my part because I'm using both phone and laptop...

....covid hit Jan 2020( covid "factor" wasn't a factor)and bs went into 2021..... .......and we haven't heard status of his books since?
....well Grices did get a $332,496.07 PPE loan claiming 23 employees later that year that was forgiven by the end of the year....

...and we havent heard any number from him since this jan 2020 article?
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...So basically grice coulda pulled any number out his behind and said this is what I lost and we all should believe it?
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Grice's loss is probably due to people finding out they were peddling things on Gun Broker at inflated prices (under a pseudonym), while claiming to walk in customers that they couldn't get those same products? I wouldn't spend my money at a business that did that.
Yes sir, both, with employees
What'd I win
Tell us what your business is and how many employees and I'll let you know.
..heres the great thing about HPA....Patraaper01 can PM TrashPanda his occupation....and as per rules keep discussion private between the both of them. Many members PM each other during discussions in regards to topics they want to keep PRIVATE...whether it is a debate, misunderstanding, an argument or just to say "how's it going?" or for hunting info...

Just sayn.
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