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Posted: February 5, 2013 04:38 PM

From: Representative Will Tallman

To: All House members

Subject: Handgun Registry Legislation

I respectfully request your support of legislation that I intend to introduce that would amend Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses).

This legislation would prohibit government entities or any public or private person from compiling registries and databases of firearm ownership. There would be certain exceptions concerning criminal activities etc.
Currently Section 6111.4; Registration of Firearms; states “…any government or law enforcement agency or any agent thereof to create, maintain or operate any registry of firearm ownership…”. Our Supreme Court in their renowned wisdom decided that the wording in the statute does not include the Pennsylvania State Police and they are allowed to maintain a registry of handguns.

Hopefully to correct this decision by the Supreme Court in “Allegheny County Sportsman vs. Rendell”, we will make it even plainer that there is to be NO registry of firearms ownership by ANY government entity.;cosponId=11546
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