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Peep Sight

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I`m looking for a new peep sight.Is there any such thing as a low light peep sight?I`ll be in a ground blind and it can get dark in there.Is there a peep sight that truly works in low light?What do you recommend?
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There are several types of low light peeps. I use a peep tht is large. It alows more light through. When I first started hunting with a peep I soon found out you can't see anything through them in low light conditions.

There are several kinds of peep sight eliminators. You can look into one of those too.

In a blind you may want to look into getting a light for the sights as well. It can get real dark in a blind.
I never used a peep sight in my life..just sayin
MOSS said:
I never used a peep sight in my life..just sayin
Your absolutly right. Not totally required. I just can't shoot sights without one. I could do without the kisser button, but not the peep.

The reason I say all that is because hunting is different than target shooting. Get into one of those twisted shooting positions, and tell me again you don't need a peep. If all I had to do was shoot at deer like they were a target in the back yard I could do without as well.
All the deer I ever killed with a bow was on the ground, i've used treestands before... wait, I just thought of something, I killed 1 deer out of a treestand
Ive got a 1/4" string splittler mini peep and i love it. I guess it allows more light to enter the pupil than any other peep on the market right now. I think they said it lets in 99.9% of available light and increases your field of view by over 100%. You might want to check them out.
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