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Big Bear. I would sugest a simple search engin search on deer pedestal mounts. find a pick you like and print it off. . I have done pedestale mounts in the past that have improvised a 4x4 fence post with the no trespassing sign on it and barb wire. This is a common mount which alot of guys have done. A rub mount like your talking of would consist of a floor base and your rub improvised into the base with probly some all thread and attaching the mount to the rub. . Of corse it would look as good as your wallett can handle. lol Deffenetly check out a search on deer peestal mounts. In fact you may even find what your looking for in some of the taxidermy supply catalogs. like , Vandykes, Makenze,wasco,danchase,Dan rynhart, to name a few.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts