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pear trees

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Anyone know a good place to order some Sekel pear trees from?
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Check the stock at Adams County Nursery or Cummins Nursery out of New York. I have used both and am very happy with both. Both will ship you bareroot trees of good quality. If they are out of stock check Boyer Nursery out. Used them too, trees were just as nice, but customer service wasnt as good. Boyer and Adams are both out of Adams county, dont know where you live but could go there to save on shipping cost. If you cant find any there let me know and ill give you some more places to try.
Thanks for the reply bucky
I am located in northcentral Pa. not far from cummins and have checked most of the well known nurseriers I order from.
Someone recommended these and I have been doing some research on them and they sound like a good pear tree wondering if any on here have had experience with them?
I see The PGC sells them I will have to call and update my order but see they are having problems with there system.
Experience with which nurseries? Ive used a few and have done a lot of research. I do not know what you are looking for the Sekel for, personal use or for wildlife? but if you want a true sekel you MAY not get it from the PGC as good as the program is, ive used it the past 3 years.If you want a to be sure to have a true sekel get a grafted version from a nursery. Seedlings may not be true to form as some sources say the sekel is self fertile and others say it need to be cross pollinated with 2 other varieties. Doing some checking for you and Adams County and Cummins are both out of these for 2010. But it looks like Boyer and Grandpas have them. I used Grandpas last year too and was very happy.
You could also try Oikos.
I have 5 seckels planted. They are very disease resistant, hardy and a steady producer. My start to ripen in late Sept, so they are mostly an early season producer. The fruit tends to not stay on the tree for too long. Usually most of the fruit is gone by mid Oct... But for early season, it's a real magnet. Plus, the fruit is great to eat for yourself! The fruit is also small, so the deer can eat them easily.
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