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Patriot Clover

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Well I finally planted my "Pond Field" food plot yesterday after the rain. Was a good soaking rain so I took advantage of it. This is my first attempt at Patriot clover. I mixed in some regular ladino clover and some chicory as well. I'm hoping this field will act as my perenial plot. I put down 150 lbs of fertilizer after seeding. I will put down another 50 lbs closer to Archery season for a little boost.

The other field will act as an annual. Hoping to plant that Tuesday with my usual Fall mix of Dwarf Rape,Winter Wheat and a little clover for kicks!

Anybody ever try Patriot Clover before. Also this is my first attempt at planting a clover/chicory plot in the Fall. Any thoughts on what I can expect this year? I"m told next spring is when this plot will shine.
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I have a Patriot plot, and for some reason, it never seemed to live up to it's claim to fame. Not sure what the problem is. My thinking is that I have way too much P & K on the plot. Next year, it goes into brassica.

I seeded Monster Mix last year and was very pleased. I seeded it the other week, but germination is not good, or was not when i saw it last, maybe due to lack of rain.
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