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This sucker can shoot!! I loaded up 90gr Pyrodex RS and then weighed them out on my scale. 66.4 grains weight. Homecast .490 round ball and .015 TC patches lubed with Wonder Lube..

Got all my ammo ready to took it out this evening and fired 6 shots. My first shot was perfect, reloaded and took another shot. #2 puzzled me until i found the patches.

I learned today that this rifle wants a cool barrel to shoot. If i just shoot and reload and shoot, the warm barrel tears up the patches badly. On a cool barrel, theres just a little bit of burn through that i can live with, Especially after the results from today!

Oops. would be good if i mentioned it was 113 yards laser ranged.

I marked shots 1 & 2. The other 4, well you can see where they landed

Still looking and shooting great since 1987!

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No mis-fires I presume? I had a couple mis-fires years ago with my renegade caplock using pyrodex and regular 11 primers. The Mags are a godsend to sidelock caplocks with the blackpowder substitutes. I don`t use pyrodex anymore.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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