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Added to the fleet

The Sea lion (longer one about 17') is mine. It will transport about 400lbs which is more then enough for me and 5 days worth of gear. The Carolina 14.5 is for the son will do 325. They were livery boats on the Potomac, and the sea kayak is in nice shape but was missing the neoprene under covers and the rudder. She still had the cables and foot controls so I built a rudder. The tourer was a bit rougher but had good hatch covers. The bulkheads were blown and the seat was cracked. The son and I resealed the bulkheads and fiber glassed the seat. So even with the covers, for half the price of a touring boat we have a touring and a expedition kayak.

Between lightning storms and my schedule I have had zero time to put the boat in the water.

Anyway, after a camp trip last week was aborted because of a difference in potential storm, we had planned on doing a quick 3 hr on the Allegheny. When we got to the river, it looked like it might take a hour, maybe. Water was WAAAAY up. So we took the scouts to a lake and I got to float the kayak for the first time.
After getting it afloat, until I relaxed I was doing a kayak hula. leftrightleftrightleftright it was kind of funny after a while which likely helped is relaxing. I got her pointed out to water and away we went.
The son in the Carolina got afloat and was gone across the lake so I guess he was OK at first. He said he did take on some water but I'm not sure how much was from tipping and how much was from paddler assists.

Good news is; it doesn't leak, rudder works real nice against the wind but not that important a feature to me at this time, I stayed more or less un moist. Paddle this thing from the trunk instead of the arms and it wants to run without a lot of effort.

Bad news; kind of a son of a gun to mount, think I have it figured though.

I am hoping to get a little more time before the first trip. I need to find out if I had the backrest in right last time, because if so, I might not be able to do a trip with that backrest.
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