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I guess this is a more general question about compound xbows then specifically about enforcers (though it is high on my list at the moment).

As some of you may recall, I am currently looking to enter the crossbow arena this year and I've been weighing which bow I want to get.

I've been leaning more toward recurves mainly because I like the simplicity and general low maintanance. I don't have much money to get a xbow much less upkeep.

That being said, all you compound users out there. I've seen stuff posted about compounds needing to replace cables/wheels every 3 years or so just as general upkeep of the compound xbow, never mind the serving/string. Is this true? I'd be much less shy about considering a compound setup if replacing cables/wheels was only as obviously needed and not bi-yearly or something. How often have you had these items replaced and why?

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