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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time of year to renew your membership or join the association as a new member. For anyone currently a member, you will be receiving your memo in the mail if you haven't already. For anyone not a member that is interested in joining, please PM me your name and mailing address and we'll get info out to you immediately. Our membership includes hunters, field trialers and others from several states and Canada. We register both adult and youth members.

The overall goal of the association is preserve and support the tradition of hunting with hounds in a family-friendly manner. Some of our activities include both a 1 day and a 2 day field trial, A Family Day Picnic, Field trial judge training, a season long coyote tournament to crown the PA state champion, support of Wounded Warrior hunts, and working with the PGC on legislative issues related to houndsmen.

Our annual meeting will in April. I hope to see both current and new members there.

Cas Bonczewski
Membership Chairman
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