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PA Launch Permit Location

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I had to purchase a launch permit for my new kayak for using in State Park and PF&BC Lakes.

I received 2 stickers. These are mounted on the front part of the kayak? No real explanation in the envelope with the stickers.

Excuse my ignorance, I'm new at this.
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The main thing is that the permits can be seen while the kayak is in the water. Other than that it can be front or back. Personally, I put mine on either side near the front.
midship under the gunwale is the way it is described in the literature I rec'd with the new 16/17 stickers from the PFBC. I ordered mine on line they were mailed to me from the PFBC.

When I bought them from a dealer they came without specification as to mounting.

So I placed them on port and starboard sides one on the bow port side one on the stern starboard. Never got checked or questioned.

The new ones I placed on opposite sides in the center of the kayak
Thanks for the help guys!
I put mine right behind the seat

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I put mine right behind the seat

Yo TaterD, Nice ride.
nice ride - behind the seat for me too..


If you fish at night - you need a single WHITE LIGHT that is visible 360deg...

I put to use some "redneck engineering" :
I use a solar polared landscape light (Walmart - $3.50).
No Batteries required,, KISS principle...

I yam what I yam
a Simple Man with a Simple Mind with Simple Needs..
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I use this guy. It runs on 2 AA and will last along time.

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That applies if your anchored at night. If not, you at least need a hand held white light/lantern to prevent a collision.
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