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PA hunter cabine trouble!!!!

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i bought a TC PA hunter carbine about a month back. love the looks of the gun but i am having trouble with hitting things with it. My dad owns a TC firestorm and after Wed i have now killed three deer with it.....perfect kill shots drop them with it. I just don't understand it....any HELP!!!!
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What one gun likes,another will hate.You gotta find what it likes to shoot.Try every powder size,powder amount,ball size and patch thickness.
Sometimes you hit it right away and other times its the last try.
The PA Hunter carbine is a 1/66 twist roundball gun. I have one but I don't shoot it much anymore because of the other rifles I have; I still wouldn't part with it.

I use 60 grains of Goex 3f and a patched .490 Hornady ball. It has taken 3 deer with the longest a 70 yarder. Mine shoots great from the bench with a heavier charge but I can't shoot that hot a load in it and hit in field conditions. I use pie sized paper plates; If you can hit that everytime you should be good to go.

These barrels are short and light and they are not designed to digest big powder charges; shoot long range; use conical bullets; sabots and power belts. Use a medium charge of 60-70 grains and a patched ball. It's comfortable to carry and mild to shoot but still have enough power. Your probably loading that little barrel too hot. One thing I have learned over the years about shooting round ball is that the amount of powder has very little to do with it's effectiveness; find your most accurate load and you will be fine.
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I have a post going about my TC pa hunter carbine a few pages back.... take a look at that. I have a rough time hitting anything with mine in the woods.
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