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1Amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania

2Consolidated Statutes, in firearms and other dangerous

3articles, further providing for licenses.

4The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

5hereby enacts as follows:

6Section 1. Section 6109(e) of Title 18 of the Pennsylvania

7Consolidated Statutes is amended and the section is amended by

8adding a subsection to read:

9§ 6109. Licenses.

10* * *

11(e) Issuance of license.--

12(1) A license to carry a firearm shall be for the

13purpose of carrying a firearm concealed on or about one's

14person or in a vehicle and shall be issued if, after an

15investigation not to exceed 45 days, it appears that the

16applicant is an individual concerning whom no good cause

17exists to deny the license, and the applicant has obtained

18firearm liability insurance as provided under subsection

20130HB0521PN0564 -1-
1(e.1). A license shall not be issued to any of the following:

2(i) An individual whose character and reputation is

3such that the individual would be likely to act in a

4manner dangerous to public safety.

5(ii) An individual who has been convicted of an

6offense under the act of April 14, 1972 (P.L.233, No.64),

7known as The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and

8Cosmetic Act.

9(iii) An individual convicted of a crime enumerated

10in section 6105.

11(iv) An individual who, within the past ten years,

12has been adjudicated delinquent for a crime enumerated in

13section 6105 or for an offense under The Controlled

14Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act.

15(v) An individual who is not of sound mind or who

16has ever been committed to a mental institution.

17(vi) An individual who is addicted to or is an

18unlawful user of marijuana or a stimulant, depressant or

19narcotic drug.

20(vii) An individual who is a habitual drunkard.

21(viii) An individual who is charged with or has been

22convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a

23term exceeding one year except as provided for in section

246123 (relating to waiver of disability or pardons).

25(ix) A resident of another state who does not

26possess a current license or permit or similar document

27to carry a firearm issued by that state if a license is

28provided for by the laws of that state, as published

29annually in the Federal Register by the Bureau of

30Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the Department of the

20130HB0521PN0564 -2-
1Treasury under 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(19) (relating to


3(x) An alien who is illegally in the United States.

4(xi) An individual who has been discharged from the

5armed forces of the United States under dishonorable


7(xii) An individual who is a fugitive from justice.

8This subparagraph does not apply to an individual whose

9fugitive status is based upon nonmoving or moving summary

10offense under Title 75 (relating to vehicles).

11(xiii) An individual who is otherwise prohibited

12from possessing, using, manufacturing, controlling,

13purchasing, selling or transferring a firearm as provided

14by section 6105.

15(xiv) An individual who is prohibited from

16possessing or acquiring a firearm under the statutes of

17the United States.

18(xv) An individual who has failed to obtain firearm

19liability insurance as provided under subsection (e.1).

20(3) The license to carry a firearm shall be designed to

21be uniform throughout this Commonwealth and shall be in a

22form prescribed by the Pennsylvania State Police. The license

23shall bear the following:

24(i) The name, address, date of birth, race, sex,

25citizenship, height, weight, color of hair, color of eyes

26and signature of the licensee.

27(ii) The signature of the sheriff issuing the


29(iii) A license number of which the first two

30numbers shall be a county location code followed by

20130HB0521PN0564 -3-
1numbers issued in numerical sequence.

2(iv) The point-of-contact telephone number

3designated by the Pennsylvania State Police under

4subsection (l).

5(v) The reason for issuance.

6(vi) The period of validation.

7(4) The sheriff shall require a photograph of the

8licensee on the license. The photograph shall be in a form

9compatible with the Commonwealth Photo Imaging Network.

10(5) The original license shall be issued to the

11applicant. The first copy of the license shall be forwarded

12to the Pennsylvania State Police within seven days of the

13date of issue. The second copy shall be retained by the

14issuing authority for a period of seven years. Except

15pursuant to court order, both copies and the application

16shall, at the end of the seven-year period, be destroyed

17unless the license has been renewed within the seven-year


19(e.1) Liability insurance.--

20(1) No individual shall be issued a license under

21subsection (e) without providing the licensing authority with

22a certificate of liability insurance verifying that the

23applicant has a valid insurance policy insuring against harm

24or damage that may arise out of the use of a firearm covered

25by the license.

26(2) The insurance policy shall meet all of the


28(i) Be in an amount of at least $1,000,000.

29(ii) Satisfy any judgment for personal injuries or

30property damages arising out of negligent or willful acts

20130HB0521PN0564 -4-
1involving the use of an insured firearm.

2(iii) May not cover any unlawful acts.

3(3) An insurer who has issued a contract of firearm

4liability insurance, or any approved self-insurance entity,

5shall do all the following:

6(i) Notify the licensing authority of the county in

7which the insured resides if the firearm liability

8insurance has been canceled or terminated. An insurer

9shall provide a copy of the notice of cancellation or a

10copy of the insurer's filing procedures with proof that

11the notice was written in the normal course of business

12and placed in the normal course of mailing.

13(ii) Provide insurance identification certificates

14to the insured which shall be valid only for the period

15for which coverage has been paid by the insured.

16Insurance identification certificates must disclose the

17period for which coverage has been paid by the insured.

18If the insured has financed premiums through a premium

19finance company or is on an insurer-sponsored or agency-

20sponsored payment plan, insurance identification

21certificates may be issued for periods of six months

22notwithstanding that the payment by the insured may be

23for a period of less than six months.

24(4) A licensing authority shall not be required to

25produce proof that notice of termination, lapse or

26cancellation was provided to the insured in order to revoke

27the license to carry a firearm. A licensing authority shall

28immediately revoke a licensee's license if the licensing

29authority receives notice that a licensee's firearm liability

30insurance has been canceled or terminated.

20130HB0521PN0564 -5-
1(5) The insurer's insurance identification certificate

2shall be carried simultaneously with the insured firearm and

3shall be exhibited to any law enforcement officer upon demand

4for inspection. Failure to produce the insurance

5identification certification shall result in the following:

6(i) The law enforcement officer shall confiscate the


8(ii) The owner of the confiscated firearm shall be

9provided with a signed and dated written receipt by the

10law enforcement officer. This receipt shall include a

11detailed identifying description indicating the serial

12number and condition of the firearm.

13(iii) If, within ten days, the law enforcement

14officer does not receive proof from the owner of the

15confiscated firearm that the owner has a valid firearm

16liability insurance policy, the law enforcement officer

17shall notify the licensing authority of the county in

18which the individual resides that proof of insurance was

19not provided and the firearm was confiscated. Upon

20receipt of the notification, the licensing authority

21shall immediately revoke the licensee's license to carry

22a firearm and immediately notify the law enforcement

23officer of the revocation.

24(iv) A confiscated firearm shall be released to an

25owner as follows:

26(A) after confirmation has been received that

27the owner's license to carry has been revoked and the

28law enforcement officer has notified the owner that

29the license has been revoked and that the owner may

30no longer carry the firearm in public; or

20130HB0521PN0564 -6-
1(B) the law enforcement officer has received

2proof from the owner of the confiscated firearm that

3the owner has a valid firearm liability insurance


5(6) If a licensing authority revokes a licensee's

6license to carry a firearm, the licensing authority may not

7reissue the license to carry until the person furnishes proof

8of insurance. The licensing authority shall charge a fee of

9$50 to reissue a license to carry following a revocation.

10(7) An individual who is in this Commonwealth with a

11concealed firearm and possesses a valid and lawfully issued

12license or permit to carry that firearm which has been issued

13under the laws of another state as provided under section

146106(b)(15) (relating to firearms not to be carried without a

15license) shall be required to obtain firearm liability

16insurance as provided in this section within 30 days of

17arriving in this Commonwealth.

18(8) An individual who fails to maintain liability

19insurance as provided under this subsection shall be subject

20to the following:

21(i) For a first offense, the individual shall be

22subject to a fine of at least $1,000.

23(ii) For a second offense, the individual shall be

24subject to a fine of at least $5,000.

25(iii) For a third offense, the individual commits a

26a misdemeanor of the third degree and shall be subject to

27a fine of at least $10,000.

28(iv) For a fourth and subsequent offense, the

29individual commits a misdemeanor of the second degree and

30shall be subject to a fine of at least $15,000.

20130HB0521PN0564 -7-
1* * *

2Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.

20130HB0521PN0564 -8-

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So let me get this straight.
I own a gun so I need a 1 Million dollar policy.

I own a car, which I drive every day on crowded roads and I only need $15,000 with a $30,000 cap?

How is this even sensible? It's an absolute outrage....

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Alpine Shooter said:
Wow how much will criminals who carry unregestered stole pistols have to pay for insurance, what a darn joke.

Well nothing.

You have to understand and accept, the Democrats don't see these criminals as the problem. They see them as a voting bloc..

Besides, they are only criminals because of our evil, unfair, unjust, and capitalistic society.
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