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PA Fish commission -Complaint dept -where to send?

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Hi all,
I would like to send a legitimate complaint, but would like an actual response vs being blown off. Does anyone have an email or contact information where someone will actual listen to my concern?

The concern is the fact that there are no Trophy trout waters in the entire western part of the state. I would like to know why from the commission and their position on that situation. I'd like to try those waters but they are in the central part of the state.
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If you go to the PFBC home page, look clear at the bottom and it says "contact us." Click on that and follow the steps.

But honestly, I think there are at least 3 of those trophy areas in the western part of the state. I could be wrong on this-Neshannock Creek, Loyalhanna and Laurel Hill. Not positive on those and there may even be more.
As crowded as those sections get from the reports I've heard and read, I just don't pay any attention to it.
Anyway, good luck with getting anything but a form response.
Before you send it, I'd click on the Trout link and look up the various special regulations. Each stream section should be listed by county.
There are two programs geared to trophy trout. First there are the Trophy Trout Projects. Looking at the list there is one in McKean County. Then there are the new Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters. The 3 streams that Kudu58 mentioned are part of that program. It looks to me like the only difference as far as regulations go is that at the Trophy Trout Projects you can creel 2 trout over 14" after opening day while the Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters are delayed harvest. So if you are after big trout you have 4 choices in the western part of the state. If you still want to contact them to get a serious response you could try calling your regional PFBC office first and then call PFBC HQ if necessary.
Yeah, I guess I read into that the "Select" waters were what was the issue. There are far more than that for trophy trout waters in western PA - the Kinzua Dam tailrace, the Clarion River and the Yough River to name a few. Not to mention the steelhead and brown trout fisheries in Erie. Plus a couple more that I'd just as soon keep under my hat.
In western PA- Yough river is all tackle trophy trout
- Loyalhanna creek is Keystone Select DHALO

If you mean the extreme edge of the state such as Greene, Washington, Beaver counties it is most likely because fish don't have a chance of surviving a summer there. If you keep along the western edge and go all the way up north to erie county, there are many trophy trout, aka steelhead.
The special regulations on the Clarion River are all tackle catch and release, not trophy trout. You are no longer permitted to keep trout on that section.
I was talking the Pittsburgh area up and down the 79 corridor. Too far of a hike to Clarion or the Yough from my area. I just wish they could designate a section of stream or lake as a catch and release...otherwise my option is a private lake. Closest Ive come is Neshannock but there are only bigger fish there because of the private group lunker fund stocking. Just nowhere to go after work where I feel a nice fish could be. Looking for a place where someone who catches a 20inch+ fish has to let it go for others. Those fish don't last long in put and take as there is more take than put back on large fish.
I think there may be more take than put on small fish as well...
They have to release them on Neshannock, at least until June 15. After that you're probably right; the bigger fish will likely be harvested. Also Neshannock tends to warm in the summer, so even if the larger trout aren't kept, the stream shouldn't be fished for trout when the water temperature is 70 degrees or more.
Like others stated there are no places in the area around pittsburgh to do what you want. There are numerous places within a reasonable drive. I think you are being unrealistic expecting a trophy area within a short drive of everyone in the state. If trophy trout were common they too would lose their appeal. Thats why erie is so popular. No where else you can fish and catch fish that size and quantity.
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