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Overseeding food plot ideas?

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There's a stretch of pipeline through one of my properties that's a prime spot for a food plot. However it is maintained throughout the summer by a landscaping company that cuts it a couple times a month, and as a result it's not a till and seed type location. It's currently mainly grass with a few other type of vegetation mixed in. Im not looking to drastically change it, instead some ideas on what I could do to bring deer to it.
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White Dutch Clover would be my suggestion. It is the small clover you see in yards all the time. It can take and likes to be mowed every couple of weeks. Towards the end of Feb beginning of March is a good time to frost seed clover.
Yes it will hold them into hunting season especially during bow season. WHen the acorns are on though they will hit them first and then usually not get to the food plot until after dark from my experience.
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