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Out of state D-I-Y turkey hunt.

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I figured this would be the ideal time to ask this based on the number of members checking this Forum daily. A friend and I are considering starting an annual turkey hunt. Somewhere like, but not limited to, Kentucky, Tennessee, N. Carolina, etc. He has been going to Missouri for the past 25+ years but we want to do something different. I have been doing some research but would like to hear from some guys that have done this first hand. Depending on the distance, we are looking for anything from a long weekend to a 10 day hunt. We would prefer somewhere with a lot of public ground. Less hunting pressure would be ideal but I am sure that is few and far between. I am not looking for directions to your hot spots just some suggestions on states, counties and/or cities. Please feel free to PM as well. Thanks in advance.
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VA has lots of opportunity in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest. Hundred there once for a long weekend and although with no scouting was in to birds every day. Easy drive from PA
Skyline WMA in northern Al has 64000 acres. I know you did not include AL in your list but it is about a 10 hour drive from SW PA.
Thank you both. Really appreciate it.
The black Hills in South Dakota should be on every turkey hunters list, and it's a short flight away.
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