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Out of control

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I watched a segment on Fox news last night
that reported about a newspaper in NY (not sure what town)
called the Journal ran a full page add listing the names and addresses of all the people in the area who had a legally registered firearm. I just can't believe this is happening.
Now all the criminals know who owns a firearm or firearms in this area.
The newspaper was bombarded with calls of disgust and anger.
So what did they do? They hired armed security to protect
the building.
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Yep. Not really a surprise. More "Do what I tell you, not what I do" crap. The pics I saw had the armed guards with those EVIL AR-15 rifles, too.
I would sue them
>I would sue them

You could try but you won't win. Public record.

ya and did you see where one of the local lawyers published the names, addresses and even maps to the editors and other workers in that paper? i thought it was good turnabout.
Haha I hope he didn't find that backlash very funny.
This would be a good test case for defining certain limits of the First Amendment and FOIA. The release and publishing of this information, in my thoughts, constitutes a clear and present danger to the citizens in this area. Similar to falsely claiming "fire" in a crowded theater, the potential harm to public safety is not trumped by the First Amendement right to free speech. The authority in this locality should have just released the number of valid permits issued and denied access to names and addresses. I hope the courts will eventually rule along these lines. Not all government information is public information.
This is yet another case of a law that went haywire.
The publisher used the "Freedom of Information Act" to persuade the county clerk's of two county's to give her the lists and they complied. When she approaced the 3rd county clerk he said NO and is paused to fight her on it.
Based on how this comes out, it will set a precendent.
Pa newspapers did the same thing to people that signed gas leases. Well without the map. Why do other people need to know who signed a gas lease? Unless they want to try to take advantage of them?

If I wanted to obtain public information, I would have to go to the courthouse and actually search one name at a time. When some newspapers want the information, they call the courthouse and want the courthouse workers to collect all the information for them and deliver it on a silver platter.
Then the newspaper delivers it on a bigger platter to all the people that are too lazy to go to the corthouse themselves.
Did you happen to see that the newspaper hired armed guards for their building, editor and reporter?
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