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the thread about the fuel tank BBQ reminded me of the out door kitchen I have been wanting to build. I had an article from a 1955 Handyman magazine with plans for an outdoor covered kitchen designed by George Nakashima. One roof side tucked under the other with a gap so smoke could escape. The one cooking surface, a large stainless steel griddle was elevated up to waist level, with a fire box under it. Immediately next to that was a closed pit BBQ that accomodated a grill and a spit sbove that with metal doors that shut and a woodfired brick oven next to that. there was a few feet, maybe between the cooking area and a table for family/guests to sit at. The roof extended back over it all. It was designed for stone pillar roof supports and mortared stone base for the cooking features.
My set of plans and the article was destroyed in a fire.

Anybody have pictures or plans for such a thing?

I have been a few times to the outdoor kitchen at Indian Steps.

The local tech school has classes for masonry for chimneys and grills. As retirement nears, I am looking to getting the project underway.
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