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I think it often easy to look at changes that surround us and lament what "was"--and I think outdoor people might be even more apt to do that than our "indoor" brothers.

I do that as well---but yesterday I had to reflect on simply what I saw on my morning ride. I have an office in Jersey City, NJ where I spend at least one day a week.

I left home in Montgomery County at 6:40 AM---in one of my bean fields were two deer--too far away with heads down to ID; within the first half mile I saw two more, both legal buck. Near Limeport in Lehigh County a Broad-winged Hawk, as I crossed the Delaware River on I-78, an adult Bald Eagle and near Basking Ridge NJ a Red Tail crossed in front of me.

As a kid--which was a long time ago---I might have seen the deer--but the hawks would have been much more unlikely and not a chance on the Eagle.

We might not have it all right---but there are signs we don't have this stewardship thing all wrong either
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