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Went and shot the Mathews Z7 and Monster along with the Hoyt Alphaburner and Maxis 35. I have a 11yr old Hoyt Deviator, so all of those bows all felt really good on the first shot.

Maxxis 35; was light, felt balanced, had no hand torque. Had a very smooth draw all the way to wall which was solid. With only the stock silencers it was quiet. At 20 yds with only 6 shots in I was grouping very nicely. I never felt the shot in my hands.

Alphaburner, a little heavier then the Max, same draw and wall feeling. A little more hand torque but was told by the shop guy it was because of the more aggressive cam. A little more noise but was also grouping.

Z7, light, balanced and smooth draw. Had a very solid wall. Never felt the shot in my hand, but it had a little more bow torque then the maxis. Was grouping with this one also.

Monster, light and balance, but had a weird let off in the valley right before the wall which caused the arrow to fall out of the prong rest. Wall was solid, did not feel the shot in the hand. The bow would fall back into my hand and not forward like most other bows.

I was going to shoot the Bowtech destroyer and an Elite bow but I fell in love with the Maxxis. I guess it was also because of having a Hoyt for 11 yrs that has performed solidly and killed quite a few deer. I may still go shoot the other bows just to see since my bow went be in for about four weeks. They had to order it since i'm going with the 70-80lb draw weight. Plenty of time to get it ready for turkey season.
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