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Guys, please don't beat me up for this post, but I am confused. When I hear open sight, v, half-circle, and peep come to mind. My (maybe incorrect) understanding is that an open sight is a sight that does not have any optic for magnification. It is strictly a sight that has a hole, half hole, or v-notch to line with the front pin, for sighting the barrel line to shoot.

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There are three basic classes of sights. Open sights, metallic sights and telescopic sights.

Open sights are just that, = open on top. Peep sights or aperture sights are included in "metallic sights" (also referred to as "iron sights"), but not in open sights.

Not under NRA match rules, under NMLRA match rules or in most gun writings.

Metallic sights also include "x-tubes" a tube with adjustable cross hairs but no glass.

The williams gun sight company web sight lists open and peep sights as two separate classes of sights.

These are the NMLRA rules and open sights clearly do not include peep sights.
5010–OPEN FRONT SIGHT–May be a blade, pin-head, post or barleycorn. The
match program will state if it can be shaded or not. A globe-style front sight with
a post blade is considered a open front sight with a sun shade.
5020–OPEN REAR SIGHT–All rear open sights must be at least six inches
forward of the breech end of the barrel. They must have a U, V, or rectangular
opening, as wide at the top as any part of the notch. A buckhorn sight is legal
provided the horns have a minimum of 1/4-inch opening at the top. Sun shades
may or may not be permitted, as specified in the match program.
Fixed rear open sights may have no mechanical means of adjusting the elevation or windage, and therefore are non-adjustable in nature.
Adjustable rear open sights may have a mechanical means of adjusting elevation and windage.
5030–DEEP NOTCHED OR SLOTTED, (a.k.a “FRIENDSHIP CHEATER”) REAR OPEN SIGHT–Used on heavy bench rifle matches only.
This sight is actually a modified rear peep sight that may be mounted any place on the barrel, at the shooter’s option. There is no center hole
in the rear peep sight, but a narrow slot is cut in the top of a sighting blade or disk attached to the adjustable eye piece. The slot must be no wider at
the bottom than it is at the top. This sight may be used with any legal front open sight, including a globe with a post.
5040–ANY METALLIC SIGHT (AMS) FRONT –AMS front sights may be any open front sight with or without shades, or globe peep sights, at the
shooter’s option. A colored filter, without magnification, may be attached.
5050–ANY METALLIC SIGHT (AMS) REAR–Any sight, open, or peep, including tube sights, not containing a system of lenses. A colored filter,
without magnification, may be attached.

According to Russ Chastain, gun writer for AboutHow, open sights have a rear sight with an "open topped notch" as opposed to a peep sight.

Peep sights never were and never will be "open sights" They are simply not open top.
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