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I have a few open beds at my cabin this year. I'm located in Tioga county in Gaines twsp. I can sleep 8 people. I'm offering openings to some new comers who want to work at hunting,especially bear season. Since I'm retired, I'll be spending most of the bear and deer season in the cabin. I'm looking for recruits to join. No drunks, drugs or thieves. If you feel like spending the season in a bar, stay somewhere else.
But if you want to hunt, have a good time especially for father and son,the door is open. I'm in 3A but can hunt 2G, as we are close to route 6.
All I ask is that you clean up after yourself and help out around the cabin. If you want an invite back, make sure you help out. We share the cost of food of just donate food from home to split the cost of meals. I'll be there for archery too. I have all of the amenities inside, including washer/dryer. Looking for a few people. PM for information.

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