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Probably my most menoriable hunt ever took place yesterday morning.

As many of you know I just got home from an awesome DIY hunt in Colorado (which I still need to post the story). With being gone for 10 days I have been holding back from any mention of an evening or morning sit in the stand.
Yesterday morning my almost 4-year-old had swim lessons, so I decided to go check trail cameras, look for rub lines and scrapes with my 2-year-old.
I double layered his cloths got his favorite hat and headed to the garage to get him and his pack in the buggy. As I pulled out of the garage, I decided to grab my bow and my grunt tube.
We get to where I normally park, and I set the pack on the ground as I get my bow out of the case and I look over at my boy and he is trying to get into the pack by himself. So, I load him up and begin up over the hill. Get to camera one and we check it some good photos. Go out one logging road and begin to nice there are scrapes and rubs everywhere. Loop back around just easing along the logging road very slow toward camera 2, on the edge of a thicket. We drop down over to it and it has 149 photos on it. I hang my bow in a tree find a log nearby and sit down and begin to scroll through the pics, and more great pictures that would get anyone excited. A few pics from that morning of a couple heavy bucks the boy loves looking at the picks too so I was showing him them over my shoulder and he would say deer. Trying to get him to learn buck.

As the pics are deleting off the card, I hit my grunt tube with 2 short soft grunts. It wasn’t 3 minutes and I hear the famous crunch-crunch and I look to my right and I see a deers legs in the thicket. It keeps coming and then I see horns. My bow was about 6 feet from me, so I scramble to grab it drop to my knees, knock an arrow all while trying to find an opening. He hits a trail and and is headed down it at about 20 yards, small opening just in front of him so I mouth call the baaa and he stops just after the opening with no shot. He continues down the trail still very alert and at about 30 yards my only other opening I baaa again and he stops. I know this is my only shot. I drew back as I made my mouth call and sent the arrow at 32 yards ( ranged later in the day). I heard sound we all like to hear. And he just walked off down over the hill and out of sight. thinking to myself I can not believe what just happen. I did down for a while and take the boy out of the pack. He was getting fussy from just hanging out in one spot.
I eventually walk down and find my arrow, with a disappointing find. An arrow with brown matter on it that meant I was back on him.
The deer was headed straight for my buggy, and I knew I had to let him lay for a while. I looped way out around and dropped over the hill to my buggy, and as I’m loading up, I catch a glimpse of a deer crossing the stream, with blood all over his side. I grab my bow throw him back in the pack and hurry down the opposite side of the creek from the deer. As I’m heading down, I watch him bed in a thicket.
I retreat and head home after calling my wife.
We had some plans for the day, so we went out and did what we had planned. 5 Hours later when we get home my wife says she wants to come along to retrieve the deer. My not confident in my shot I wanted to head down myself with bow in hand. I head in and he was dead right where I watched him bed, probably expired not long after I left him.
I went home and grabbed the family, and we all went down to gut him and bring him home.
This was an awesome hunt, and something I never expected.
Really considering mounting him. This buck will always be a special one.
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