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The comment. I buy MB traps for a reason. I went over to a farm to reset (I unset before the holiday due to not a good schedule to check each morning) one of my 550s was run over several times by snowmobiles and the trap was fine. My question is I have 5 sets on about 35 acres and they haven't been checked or resented for over two weeks but each set has fox tracks in the snow and urine on each of the dirt holes. I reset and disturbed a lot of snow and dirt. Will they still work the set?
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yeah it shouldnt be a problem. did you put the trap back in the same spot or did you move just the trap alil to accomidate for where the fox walked? it also wouldnt hurt to sift alil snow over your set also just give it a dusting.
It will be fine.In fact you may have better chances.The foxes are still visiting them,i assume several times.Animals are also attracted to fresh disturbed dirt.
I thought so. And I reset in the old bed and sifted snow just to cover the set a little and added salt to the bottom of the set and mixed it in with the peat moss to help with freeze
i don't try to blend the set,take a broom and remove the snow around the set a little bigger then a catch circle,make set in the middle of circle,has great eye apeal
Snow machines are a lot easier on traps than wheeled vehicles. I had a couple of # 2 Bridgers run over after Saturday's snow and they were undamaged.

Good news is that canines like to follow snow machine tracks, especially in deeper snow. Could lead them right to your sets. Hopefully they haven't been taken out-of-commission again before the fox get there.

I wouldn't blend for fox. Like Fish nitro mentioned above, that dirt pattern contrasting against the snow is great eye appeal.
I removed the one on the sled trail as for removing dirt ill try it
4 wheeler tracks are run on as well. Often follow new k9 tracks on yesterdays 4 wheeler tracks to caught k9.
Good my truck tracks go to all my sets
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