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Just thought I'd share my report on tonight's hunt quick. Made a few stands tonight and seen eyes at everyone. Was able to connect with one red although should have been more."Tough lighting them and shooting at the same time." Anyways here is my report:
Wind: Blowing from the Northwest at roughly 4 mph
Time: Between 1-3 am
Stands Made: 5
Eyes Seen: at least one set at every stand, most showing within the first 5-7 minutes
Harvest: one red at 50 yards
Weapon: 22-250 "not as fur friendly as I thought"
Call: Foxpro Spitfire "Lightening Jack"
Light: Kill-light xlr250

These real cold temperatures seem to have the predators on their feet. Next couple nights should be good! Goodluck to all who get out!
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