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OMG, a Child with a Gun

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Suspend a 5 year old girl for a bubble gun, but its dictated to force her to use the same bathroom as Brutus the Janitor on a day he is feeling a little feminine...
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Have you seen the rate of fire for those bubble guns?

Clearly they're a threat to everyone in the area.
More damage to their teeth than anything else...Get out on the streets of Philly and Wilmington, DE , no bubble gum guns there..
The insanity continues. Heaven help America.
In my day, if you broke the rules, the good sisters would just beat the living crap outta you. They had yardsticks, paddle boards, pointers, broomsticks, I think they used them for transportation too, and the old standby.......the right hook!

Suspended? No way, they wanted you there to torture you. Oh, the good old days.
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Ha! How things have changed,

I vividly remember when my friend Erik in the 5th grade brought numchucks to school. Real ones. Sister Michael relieved him of that burden. He didn't get suspended or anything like that, she just took them. I remember the look on her face as she took them from him, she was excited. Like she found something she had been looking for.

For the rest of the school year at recess and at lunch time Sister Michael, who was about 6ft 3 and 350 Lb, in a black ankle length habit w/the head-piece, would patrol the perimeter with the numchucks over her shoulder, every now and then swinging them around for show.

This is the same nun who busted a pointer stick across somebodies back side- to the amusement of the whole class. The stick broke b/c he had a knife in his back pocket. She just took it off him and gave it back to him after school, telling him he shouldn't bring knives to school.

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