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Old Ithaca SXS

Ithaca Flues 12 ga
This shotgun has 28" barrels, full & Mod. chokes. Very good bores,1 light ding on left barrel, minor pitting. traces of case color. Ser. # 2769xx denotes a 1917 manufacture date. also has F stamped on fore end metal, all Ser. numbers match. Looks all original including butt plate, Missing trigger guard screws, butt stock is missing some pieces of wood, barrels note SMOKLESS POWDER STEEL . Barrels have been splattered with speckle of paint. Small dent on left barrel. Rib is tight as is the action.
Does Not Fire. Wall hanger, or parts gun I would guess?
Any Idea what it is worth? or who might be interested?Thanks, Roland

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