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Alpine Shooter said:
HomeintheWoods said:
I don't see it as a safety issue.
While poor ethics can lead to safety issues there isn't necessarily a one-to-one relationship.
Unfortunately, yes. I do believe there will be adult hunters who will shoot a sub-legal AR buck and allow the older hunter to tag it. The same thing happens every year with junior hunters. Why would senior hunters be any different?
The WCOs on this site have posted about talking with hunting parties where a junior tag is on a buck, but the junior hunter doesn't demonstrate the expected level of excitement over having shot a buck.
Sharing of tags is one of the most common forms of poaching we have in Pennsylvania. No, I don't have statistics. And yes, I have personally witnessed it. And yes, I have turned hunters in for the violation.

You should be proud job well done. Theres plenty of bucks to go around. Someone has to shoot them. That is not the largest form of poaching. Shooting numerous deer over food sources ranks up there. Deer are not as popular as they were years ago, either.
So you are saying that shooting a deer over a legal food source constitutes as poaching?????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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