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OBX sunrise Pics.

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What can I say I am a sucker for is about as early as the sun comes up in the US and I can't stop snapping pics of it even on the same day's sunrise, I'll look down at my coffee cup or something look back up and think that is better than it was....thought I'd share them.

If you go to the OBX and miss a sunrise, you should only be paying half price on those days of your life.

See if you can see GOD in any of them, I see HIM in them all,especially the last one.

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Fore those that don't believe that is handmade by GOD has never lived. They would only look better if my son and I were out there catching stripers!!!! Priceless never get tired of that kind of scenery. Thanks for the enjoyment!
I am the Alpha and Omega !!!
awesome pics....oh how I miss that sight....another 10 months til I go back

that area is definitely touched by the hand of god every single second. Glad you had a good time and the travels were safe.
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Great pics!

When I take pics like that I call them "You know God exists" pictures.

Thank you for sharing.
Looks good. Thanks
life is good..... enjoy ...
Especially the last one.
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