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Good time Sportfishing

Captain Andy and First Mate Jay know how to get you filling the fish box and with a great variety. They cater to the families and avid anglers alike, check out his fishing report, we went out on 8/16 (better pics of our trip in saltwater forum), but looking at the folks that have gone out since us he is still filling the box for them and it is killing me as i want to GO BACK NOW.

I can't say enough about them, and this is a HIGH recommendation to all my fellow HPAers who OBX. Their cost is middle of the road for a fullday gulfstream trip, but their service, experience and dedication is not. My 7 year old son Joey's favorite part was hanging with Captain Andy up in the loft and helping drive the boat...

They got plenty of fish for the kids to reel in and a few for the adults to have a workout with...what more can you ask. He was filling the boat daily before we got there and filling the boat after we left...alot of my fishing trips are the "should of been here yesterday" type , not this one, plenty of yesterdays to go around.

Note if you are looking for marlin it seems other captains get more of those cause they target them more, not that he does not get them, but I am not one to gamble that kind of money on something like one big fish , especially when i got the family on board to entertain and not just there for me.

Hope some go out with will not forget it and you will have a Good Time.

See you in 2011 Capt Andy, if not this Nov for tuna!! That depends on the PA bucks right now.
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