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I ordered a hunting blind in September from Cabelas.

It arrived in time for the opening of bow season but was damaged in transit—so opening day with my Grandson was in a “homemade blind”.

I got the replacement a few weeks ago but only had my first chance to use it this week. I got here about 4 PM on Wed and got it set up in time to close out the day in it.

Now after two more days I can offer some preliminary opinions.

Pros: Large enough for one guy (and a Grandson) with a crossbow or vertical---if you are sitting down with the vertical. Two adults could be in it for rifle or turkey.

Set-up is OK---but not as easy as appears in the video (imagine that!)—I think with practice that will improve.

Semi-dry---the walls slope inward so rain does come in the windows more than it would if the walls were vertical.

The included but loose screens are very effective in reducing the ability to see in from outside but not obstructing the view from inside. They are called “shoot through”---but I don’t think I want to try that.

Tie down stakes that seem to be effective—it didn’t blow away this afternoon.

Effectively blocks the wind.

Cons: Velcro closures on the window flaps—far too noisy. I’m going to look at changing them out with magnetic closures.

The sloped sides as I mentioned earlier.

Durability of the fabric is questionable.

General: This is my first experience with a portable ground blind and overall I am happy with it and the concept—I think it can be an effective tool. One thing I find a little annoying is that to minimize the chance of being seen inside as few windows as possible should be open. It is a touch frustrating—especially as the world wakes up in the morning—and I am surrounded by all kinds of sounds and critters---and can’t see them.

Now for the good and the bad news---first the bad news---in two plus days I have seen two deer; a doe and fawn—and they were “uneasy”. Yes I had a clear 18 yard shot on either one—but I passed------ for the good news---I still have both my tags.

They did not seem overly curious or cautious about the blind
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