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sch Co said:
Can you recommend a book? I am always feeling lost at what I am looking at. It would be nice to have something with color pictures to help me identify oaks or other hunting positive trees.

Any good books that you guys use?
I'll second The Audubon Society Guide to Trees Eastern Region.

Otherwise, you could just go to yahoo search, go to images and type in the tree your looking for.

A simple tip to tell the difference between Red and White Oak is to look at the leaves. White Oak leaves will be round lobed. Red Oak leaves will be larger and have round lobes but have a little sticker at the end of each lobe. Also, White Oak acorns are about half the size as Red Oak acorns.

If you know what a shagbark Hickory looks like, a White Oak will closely resemble it's bark many times.

To tell the difference between Red Oak and Black Oak, look at the bark near the base of the tree. Red Oaks bark will be uniform from the base all the way up the tree. Black Oak will have 'alligator' bark near the base of the tree then will resemble Red Oak further up.

Pin Oaks and Scarlet Oaks will have thinner lobes on their leaves and the Lobes will cut in close to the stem. Also, they will have many more small branches all the way up the tree.

Once you get the hang of it, it will be second nature telling the difference between oaks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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