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November 22.

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Heading out soon for an evening hunt in 5C. Goal is to take a doe tonight, but maybe a buck will give me a shot. Hopefully the wind dies down a little.
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I won't say die until Jan 28th.
Got settled and immediately had 3 doe run by. I thought I may have spooked them, then 2 mins later and elderly gentleman came walking down a path. He stopped to talked, he said he didn't know you could still archery hunt this time of the year. He left about 1 hour later had a yearling doe walk by at 50 yds. Then just before dark saw a group very low maybe the group I saw earlier. The wind died down and I was able to hear deer walking down the mountain just too dark. The leaves made it easy to hear the deer today. I will be out again tom, all day sit before rifle.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts