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November 22.

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Heading out soon for an evening hunt in 5C. Goal is to take a doe tonight, but maybe a buck will give me a shot. Hopefully the wind dies down a little.
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Welp fella's (and gals). It's been 'a season' but I'm afraid to say that tonight is my last sit for the 2016 PA archery saga. T-minus 2 hours. I'll be traveling back to SWPA the next several days for the holiday and with no reliable places to sit back there I've decided to call it a season. I gave it my very best effort and drained the tank empty. I couldn't have done any more than I did and I'm happy in that. Who knows though......fat lady ain't sung yet!! It cold, it's breezy. Let's do this!

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Ya technically thats true JSM. I'll hunt a few times here and there.
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