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had a fantastic morning this morning, I got up in my tree about a half hr before shooting time, was up there about twenty minutes and I hear a grunt followed by crashing and running around, they come within twenty yards but its still not light enough ot make a shot or see if the buck I'm looking at is legal. the run off about a hundred yards away. by now its light enough now and I see a buck with what looks like a decent rack I get out my grunt call and do a grunt and a snort weeze, and this buck comes right over with a doe, now I usually don't shoot basket racked bucks during archery just because in 5C you never know when a monsters gonna step out. after this deer came over to my calls, and was putting on a show I could resist, the doe had picked me out and was stomping and carrying on, but the buck wasn't even phased, I waited till she turned away and I drew my bow, settled my pin and let it fly, was probably about 25-30 yards. at the shot I wasn't too sure about the hit, I knew I hit him hard but wasn't to sure how hard. I called my grandfather to let him know I had got one, and climbed down and went over to where I had shot and found a ton of blood everywhere with bubbles in it, I was feeling really confident now, but wanted to give it time. went to my grandfathers house to have some hot cider and wait about 45 minutes just to be safe. went back with my uncle and took up the trail had good blood the entire way and after about 50 yards, I just stopped to look up and looked over right to the field edge and there he was still with my arrow sticking out of him, was slightly quartered away, came out right behind the opposite shoulder really happy with the rage and gold tip kinetic kaos combination. ive had this deer on camera all week, and been telling my buddies I didn't know if id shoot or not, it would be a game time decision. I haven't shot a buck in four years so that might have been the reason why I also shot, ;) but ive also let a lot of small buck go though. funniest part was Ive had this stand setup but I just put a new millennium up instead of the cheap big game stand I had, and now after sitting in it for less than an hr ive gotta take it down now, but the funniest thing was its been five years to the day that I shot my first buck and first kill with a bow, Nov fifth is now my deer day haha. he isn't the biggest buck but I'm pretty happy. equipment I used was a hoyt factor 34, gold tip kinetic kaos arrows, tipped with a rage chisel tip. I'm very impressed with these arrows and chisel tips, ive killed two deer with them this year, the arrow broke on this deer, but the broadhead is perfect, just need new blades. the other arrow was fine and just need new blades on it as well. thanks for listening to me ramble on, I'm still a little excited from the whole thing, heres some pictures


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