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Not so good!

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Had a few ticks on me from hunting season an most recently one that was burrowed in. Had blood work done and found out I have Lyme disease.

Be safe
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Oh man, sorry to hear that, follow the regiment prescribed by the doctor, keep a positive outlook.

Best wishes to you.
My son had got lymes disease too this year after spring turkey.So far no adverse effects after taking all his meds.Good luck to you
Nasty reminder of a trip afield, take your meds and all should be ok.
Make sure you treat that as best you can. I hunt with a close friend who has it, and at times it's very rough. I wish you the best!
Sorry to hear that.How did you find out it was burrowed in?Did it swell?
You should have a full recovery with the Meds, The horror Stories You hear about is when the Patient goes untreatred for a long length of time
1 - 7 of 7 Posts