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BenelliSBE said:

To be honest I would just be happy to see the sun so i don't have my hopes too high that the clouds will clear. If they do I hope to get some good pictures. i thought i would let you guys know so you can keep an eye out for them
If your interest is in the skies you should check in at which is in partnership with NASA.
They pretty much have a handle on everything happening in the skies.
You can even sign up for email alerts to notify you when something interesting is happening (I've been signed up with them for about 10 years and never been spammed).

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jimsdad said:
Thnaks for the information. In the 50's and early 60's we used to see them from my anunt and uncle's place in Westmoreland County just off Haymaker Road well outside of Trafford. They are captivating.
I live un trafford...the spot i go to see things in the sky is on top of frist street by the gun club....
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