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Copied from predator masters... sorry for the lack of effort to type a new post....

"Went out shed hunting yesterday way back into a beaver dam valley. after about an hour's walk in I arrived at a big swampy somewhat open area that I had identified on google earth. I planned on calling a little bit in that area so I took the 223 along for the walk.

It was just before noon and almost 60 degrees when I reached my destination. Had the wind in my face and figured where I was at was as good a place as any to set up. Sat down in front of some pretty thin brush and went at it with the rabid rabbit for about 15 seconds, then sat silent for about 10 minutes. I blew the call again but only for about 5-10 seconds this time. As soon as I put the call down something made me look behind me. Crouched not 10 feet away and obviously staring right at me was a bobcat.

I prefer that my immediate surroundings not include hungry bobcats so I was somewhat alarmed at its proximity to my face. I was on my feet and turned around in the blink of an eye, watching the cat run off a few steps. I had shouldered the 223, so when it stopped to look at me no more that 15 yards away i took the shot and dropped it right there. I've only ever seen one bobcat crossing the road here, and never before while hunting. Despite those facts I bought a bobcat permit months ago and I'm quite surprised that I actually called one in during our short season. I had seen a few tracks on my way in there but didn't really expect to see anything. It was a 15 pound female. 55grain vmax at 15 yards is probably not the best combination for a small bobcat, and there was a 2" hole in the chest but I'll do my best to sew it up."

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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