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No more field points

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I've come to the conclusion that I will use only broadheads now, even for targets. After many hours of practice I don't think there's any field point/broadhead that shoot EXACTLY the same as each other. It makes sense to me anyway, as I'd rather practice constantly with what I'll actually be killing the deer with, not some field point that'll never see a day in the woods.
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If you're field tips and broad heads don't shoot the same and very close, there is something wrong with your set up...
I switch over in Sept. cause it is just too tough on my target to shoot boradheads all year. I zero with the broadheads but don't mess with the scope when I switch back to field points as it only moves about an inch and a half or so.

I agree that the shots you take at deer are the ones you want the least guesswork in, the taking of life factor is the whole reason the crossbow attracted me so much once we started shooting one. WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU to get to quick and clean at that moment of truth.

Can I ask what kind of target takes that kind of broadhead punishment?? I know my block does not.
RB -HPA Admin said:
Can I ask what kind of target takes that kind of broadhead punishment?? I know my block does not.
Any target that Rinehart makes. I have the 18-1. I believe it can take many more years of broadhead abuse.
i made a BH target yesterday from 2" thick pink owens corning styro board from home depot that came 24" x 96" in size....i cut it in 19" section that gave me five 2" thick sections i glued together with 3M spray contact glue....the target is 19" high x 24" wide x 10" thick and only cost $14.70 and is hard as most 3D animal targets are....i used to use the red/white/blue white styro target from walmart that cost $17.00 and was way softer styro that you get in store bought electronic boxes, then what the pink stuff i just bought is....when my buddy gets his new xbow in a day or two and we set it up i'll have pictures of my target then thoughts on this pink foam is that if you don't shoot the same spot it should last a good time, i have a bag target i use target tips on and will most likely use the pink target for BH's only before acrhery hunting practise........bob

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Have you tried your target yet. I made one last year that worked good but it took a lot to stop a bolt short of the fletching
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