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NJOA: Former mayor tries to censure state deer management experts

NJOA Release
Belmar, NJ

Conservationists should be aware that there are animal rights groups attending township meetings throughout New Jersey in an effort to eliminate hunting as a method of deer population management. They are falsely promoting fertility control methods (contraceptives), specifically GonaCon, as an efficient and effective alternative to hunting.

Currently, the town of Colts Neck, NJ, is attempting to revise an existing ordinance that would allow regulated hunting on private lands in an effort to reduce deer overpopulation. Many who have attended township meetings in opposition to revised ordinance have provided false statements. In contrast, the Division of Fish and Wildlife has served as a credible information source for the Township Committee.

However, at recent meeting (not attended by the Division of Fish and Wildlife), a former mayor tried to censure the expertise of the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) by asking the committee NOT to have the DFW at future meetings regarding the revised ordinance. The former mayor also wrote an opinion piece in the Asbury Park Press flagrantly attempting to use people's emotions and prejudices associated with the Newton, CT, tragedy to undermine the effectivenss of hunting in deer management, with the purpose to defeat the revised ordinance.

Censorship of state experts, demagoguery of issues, misleading or false statements, intimidation, and playing on people's fears to advance personal agendas and false information should not be accepted as "everyday business" by citizens. Ignoring these deceitful methods will embolden the people using these tactics, which will highjack public policy initiatives throughout NJ.

If you know of someone living in Colts Neck, please encourage them to attend and speak in support of the revised ordinance at the Wednesday, February 27, Township Committee meeting to be held in the court house (next to town hall) at 7:30 p.m. The revised ordinance would allow regulated hunting on private land.

What you can do is call the township office today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, and leave a message for Mayor Michael Fitzgerald stating effective deer management practices impacts all of us living in NJ, therefore you support Colts Neck's revised ORDINANCE 2013-5 for deer management.

Colts Neck Municipal Building: (732) 462-5470, x100
124 Cedar Drive, Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722

Thank you

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Colts Neck is a real funny place. Lots of large orchards and horse farms. It is also turning into a Mc Mansion metropolis. This clash of culture is always a dangerous mix. The farmers will let you hunt but the protesters will hound you and the land owners until the land owners say you can't hunt. The farmers are boycotted and must ship product vice selling it at a better price and lower overhead at home. The horse ranches don't want anyone around unless you want riding lessons or board a horse.
I found the safest place to hunt was inside the wire on the Naval base. The protesters could not get in to mess with your hunt or vehicle.
The only good sign is this was a former mayor so must have lost for a reason. Waugh!
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