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NJ Fall Bird

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Haven't gotten out for the PA season yet, but took a day away from work and rode a cross the bridge into New Jersey to hunt public land. My dropper Maizy found a flock of gobblers early in the morning, but after a 3-hour sit, I decided to move on. Lucked into a field with a gobbler flock on one side and hens/poults on the other at around 4:30, Maizy broke both flocks without missing a beat. I wasn't planning to shoot a poult, but with an hour of light left and birds already in the trees, I decided to shoot the first bird that showed. I usually inspect their crop to see what's been on the menu, this rascals last meal consisted of milo seed, grass, a few beetles and 2 grasshoppers. SOOOO proud of my little gyp, this is her 3rd bird so far this fall.:thumbs::turkey_track:

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