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Knight50cal and I met up at the Local Diner this AM for breakfast and hopefully a day with filled tags...
As he stepped out of his car, I looked at him and said "I put on my Secret Deer Lure this am and we are going to get a deer!"

He laughed and asked what it was.. I made him Swear he would NEVER Reveal it and any time he hunted deer with me, I'd make sure I splashed it on before leaving the house!

He agreed...we went and had a nice breakfast and talked about how saturday was such a mess...

We got to the farm at 5:30....He parked his car at the barn and loaded up in my truck and we went out the lane in the field....the Nice 8 point that is hanging around decided to run straight in front of us as we were going out the lane....

AH, GREAT Site to see in the head lights as your going out the lane to head to the woods to hunt!

I got Knight50cal settled in at the fallen tree he picked out saturday morning when we were coming out from the morning hunt and I headed to my climber were I had him Saturday morning...we were about 50-75 yards apart but could not see each other....

I settled in only about 6 feet up the tree, just did not feel like climbing up to 20 feet this am for some reason....

As it started to get light, the Squirrels started to work in the trees above me, next thing I know, I'm getting Acorns dropped on my head....I looked up and here is a squirrel maybe 3 feet above me looking down at me trying to figure out what this orange blob is hanging on the side of the tree.....

I sat and watched the squirrels cutting acorns and beechnuts for the first 45 minutes and also the blue birds, cardinals and sparrows flying around picking up seeds and stuff to eat...then, the dreaded happened...Those pain in the rear Blue Jays showed up...they squacked for about 5 minutes then decided to leave... at 7:55, I was just thinking of crawling out of the stand and walking back to Knight50cal and telling him I'd push the thick stuff out behind the barn to him...BUT, I decided to take a few minutes and look behind sooner do I turn around in the stand, I see a white flash about 50 yards behind me in the thick Brush....I looked hard and thought it was the tip of a fox tail....then I looked closer and could see the outline of a deer.....

I looked thru the scope and there is a doe feeding along... OK, now all I have to do is wait for her to give me a clear shot... OH, But, there isn't just 1...there is 2!

GOOD...hopefully all works out here and I knock 1 down and the other runs to Knight50cal and he knocks 1 down!

Well, the lead doe offered me a the shot, she took off on a full run, never seen a deer run that fast before after a shot.. I was thinking to myself, that deer did not look like it was showing signs of being hit!

Well, I climbed down out of the stand, never seen were the other doe went...

I walked over and looked for blood...No Bloo....BOOOOOM

Knight50cal Shoots....I'm now only 30 yards from him....I'm looking, Nothing, just see a smoke cloud coming up from his area.. so I walk down the trail..he sees me, he starts motioning for me to stop and is giving me hand signals that were I'm standing is WERE the doe was standing when he shot....

I didn't see any blood.. so I walked over to him...he told me that after my shot, this doe came down the trail like the 1 did saturday and stopped...he figured that after saturday and not taking the shot, he was shooting this morning!
So, he sat at the tree and I walked back to were he said the deer was when I was walking toward him...but when I walked back, he had stopped me 10 yards AFTER I passed the spot were the doe was standing when walking to him.. he hollers... "No, a little more backwards.. AH, YEP There Little Bro, You got BLOOD!
I walk 15 yards into the brush and there is his doe piled up..Nice big fat doe!

So, I told him, you go your's, lets go see if I really did miss..We went back, I found were the doe I shot at came across the trail...Looked a little harder this time and there IS Blood...We track it..she went a good 50 yards and piled up at the side of the creek...

High 5s to each other... Knight50cal thanking me for bringing him out and for backing up my Promise I'd help him get a deer this year seeing he has not shot 1 since back in the late 90s....and makes me Promise to ALWAYS wear the Secret Deer Lure when hunting deer with him!

We got them tug, gutted and out to the field.. took some picture and then back to the house to skin and quarter to put them in the fridge to cool till saturday...

I have pictures to post...but having a problem at this time getting into my email and can not get the pictures to put on photobucket to post here... as soon as I can get into my email...I'll down load the pictures and get them posted up on here!

I still have another antlerless tag to fill...most likely I'll try later this week when I push the woodlot out for another buddy and his 2 kids on thrusday and friday...but, Knight50cal has off work tomorrow, so he and I are gonna kill a few squirrels....He wants to learn the 30 second squirrel skinning!

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Re: pictures added

seein' them does laying there is making me real sad about this season...things just changed and my hunting days just got WHACKED.
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