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New York State Public Land Turkey Hunting

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Have hunted Virginia for the past 5 years in the Washington National Forest and have not had any luck down there so I was thinking of heading to New York this Spring. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to start? Not looking for your honey holes but maybe a region or county could be suggested. I have done a little research and it sounds like New York has a lot of birds so it may be worth a try. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Jake, NY does have good turkey hunting pretty much everywhere in the state. Just pick an area with a decent amount of public land and go scouting. Don't be afraid to knock on a few doors also.

TIP: Concentrate on areas AWAY from the Pa/NY line.
Try hunting around the Finger Lakes, The Finger Lakes National Forest, Tug Hill or Connecticut Hill. You can get all the info from the website, just Google it.

Hunted those areas myself
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I will be hunting NY myself this year. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for all the information, I am excited to try out a new state.
I hunted New York about ten yrs ago, nunted North of Clymer and also hunted Panama rocks area, these areas get a lot of pressure and the birds are extremely call shy. I suggest going up and finding permission from a private farm, I have heard birds up Nortn in Stare forest near Salamanca very big woods up there definitely need to scout this. Good luck.
My dad and I have both hunted NY extensively (him alot more then me obviously). We've finally found an area we go to consistently but he used to just go up with a map of NY, find public areas, and always be on birds. It just seems like it's loaded up there. Once you get off the beaten path, the better it gets. We hunt the southeastern part of the state in the Catskills now. I've hunted both NY and VA and found alot more birds up there. Good luck
I wouldn't spend a dime of my money or a minute of my time in NY.

Go to WV!
MO has lots of big gobblers.....
Oh well

A friend of mine is gonna call one in for me up thar. He is gonna show me how to use a box call the right way....
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WHY ???
dont get lost and wander onto one of those indian reservations, they'll take your gun, car, everything you have on you and lock you up in an indian jail, and they have their own court systems, sometimes it takes weeks to get out of jail, and alot of money too. be sure of where you're going.I personally would boycott newyork, since they passed their new gun laws, if people just give in to them, every state will follow suit. My integrity is worth more than one of their birds anyday !!
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