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New York Hunts

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Has anybody ever used cp's guide service up in new york
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i hunted with them about 5 or 6 years ago in the adirondacks we did not score but we had a real bad weather week the camp was set up nice the food was great and chris our guide did work really hard to put us on great spots in the big woods . will do it again someday for sure

Last season a buddy from Vermont and I decided to meet up and hunt with an outfitter in Central NY. Now when I owned WTA this guy owned a small camp near me and we hunted together often. Wytetail Acres success rate averaged 60% on bucks and we basically could kill as many does as we wanted (though in the five years I owned the place I only shot 3 does), so we expected the same kind of hunting.

We got the doe tags we were instructed to get. When we get there we find we will not be hunting in that zone so cannot take any doe.

There were 15 guys in camp, the owner of the place and two "guides" for 18 total.

He had 300 "marginal" acres split in two different parcels and had the fifteen hunters, himself, and the two "guides" all hunting. 18 hunters on 300 marginal acres.

I saw a doe on the first day and several trespassers wandering through. The second day saw three does. The third day he tells me I can shoot a doe on the property we'll be hunting. He tells me that the stand I'll be hunting out of a guy shot a small buck on the first day and another guy shot a doe on the second day from that stand.

I ask him "you mean I'm going to a stand that's been hunted two days in a row?" .. he looks surprised that that bothered me and said yes.

Now their thing was to put you in a stand and leave you before dawn and come back at dark to get you.

We left a day early and he comments to us that we forgot to tip the "guides".

Later my buddy sends him an e-mail expressing how disappointed we were and the guy refunded us $200.00 each to avoid "hard feelings"

300 MARGINAL acres with 18 hunters. All neighboring properties were hunted hard with deer drives all day long and lots of shooting.

Horrible experience. Worst hunt I ever had.

If you're considering a NY hunt - PM me with your outfitter and I'll tell you if it's this guy or not.
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I'm hunting with leather stocking guide service this year, any experiences
I don't see any reason to hire a guide in NY. There's plenty of deer on stateland. I've killed a buck up there 26 seasons straight on stateland. As a group(3or4 hunters) we are over 80% on bucks and can kill all the doe we want.
This is our first year up there, just getting our feet wet, we lost our pa land so were looking fir new areas
Dogbox,do you hunt in the Adirondacks???What areas are good for trophy bucks and bears???
shortspike.. Bob will give you a good hunt. Hes a good man plus has some good areas to hunt. Treat him right (a good tip) and you will have some good hunting for years to come. Any questons pm me.
what area of the state are you hunting ?
NeinPoint said:
what area of the state are you hunting ?
I would also like to know
I looked for a place to hunt this year as well since the place Ive been hunting at forever is no longer allowing hunting. I felt real good when I talked to Chris at CP's guide and also Kevin at Turkey raquette.....only problem was they didnt have a spot in either for opening weekend. Im probably not going out this year for the first time ever. but i'm still hopeful and i'm still looking but its getting closer. good luck to you

....leatherstocking guide service..Bob Partridge..happens to be my neighbbor...has some good leases to put you on,,,..never hear anyone complain...
We are hunting this year at the Jar-Mar farm. We have never hunted NY so it will be a very interesting trip! Good luck with your guide service.
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