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Figured since the thread from last year got bumped up that we should do one for this year.

Mine is that my son and I are going to try to kill our first wild hogs this year with the crossbow. We are going in June down to Georgia. Can't wait.

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Kill a deer before Cspot's clan does.

My resolution is to spend more time hunting species other than deer this coming year. It has been a long time since I carried my .22 for squirrels or my 12 guage for bunnies.

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My goals for 2013 are as follows;

1.) Continue dropping weight. I lost 44# in the past few months so Im going to keep up with that.

2.) Bowhunt Alligator and wild boar in Florida sometime in August or September. (in the planning stages now.)

3.) Introduce a friend to archery. I helped a friend of mine this year get into archery and he shot his first deer (doe) with the bow this fall and kept thanking me and really appreciated my help. I recently had another friend ask me if I could teach her how to shoot bow because she wants to get into archery and I told her instead of spending all the money on her own bow and gear I would set-up my bowfishing bow for her to try out archery.

My bowfishing bow is a brand new Mission Craze so I can adjust the draw length and weight to fit her perfectly. All I have to do is remove the reel and put on a sight and regular hunting rest and she'll be able to shoot bow with me this year to see if she likes it enough to buy her own stuff. I asked her if she just wanted to target shoot or bowhunt and she said she wants to bowhunt someday, so we'll see how that goes.

4.) Might go back to Ocean City for Stingrays again or possibly White Marlin fishing, on the fence about it.

5.) Turkey with the bow in the spring.

6.) Bowfish here in PA for the first time. (Carp aren't as exciting as stingrays in the ocean, but I live right along the Sesquahanna River so I got some great bowfishing on my doorstep.)

7.) Just enjoy myself and have fun reguardless of what I am doing. Learn something new and give it 100%.

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I will get my girlfriend her first deer next year. I think I have also decided, about 95% sure, that I will be making the resolution to hunt strictly with a recurve next year. I also want to completely document my season on video, from equipment setup, to scouting, to treestand setups, to practicing in the backyard, to actually hunting. Ive always wanted to put more time and effort into hunting with my recurve, and I think that this year is the year.

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I know the thread is hunting resolutions but mine this year is to get back into fishing. I used to do ALOT of it, but I moved 8 or 9 years ago and being farther from my favorite streams and creeks, I just kind of got away from it. Been missing it bad the last couple years. I think my new wife will make a great fishin buddy. Which brings up my other resolution, which is to get her in the outdoors with me as much as possible.

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My resolutions are as follows:

1. To get a spring gobbler to complete my triple trophy this year. I got a nice buck and my first bear this year so i really want this.

2. To build a box blind for my wife and i to hunt out of during rifle season. She has expressed interest in wanting to try her hand at hunting so i got her a winchester model 70 featherweight in .243 for x-mas.

3. Is to yet again not show all my trail cam pics to my friends. Im a glutten for punishment i guess. It never fails though, i share photos of big bucks i have in my hunting areas with my friends and every year i get bombarded with phone calls and people asking to go hunting with me the last 2-3 weeks of archery season. No one ever offers to help with food plots, hanging sets, trimming lanes, scouting, ect, ect. It gets old.

4. Lastly is to actually plant more food plots this year and do more scouting.

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To finally sell all my hunting equipment since I'll never be a hunter again.
To figure out a better way to bring joy to others by effectively using the resources I have available. The friends that hunt my land aren't able to fully utilize the opportunities it offers so I have to figure out how to best expand the uses. I'm considering organizing an October muzzleloader hunt for handicapped, youth, and/or senior hunters.
Continue to expand my habitat improvement projects - think bigger!

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HITW, I will help you anyway I can with that!!! I know hunting is a struggle for you now wioth the loss of your son, but I am so gald we did not loose you from the ranks.

I am thinking of doing similar...IE, give permission to someone with kids to hunt my land during rifle season, including use of the camp (when its done) and ATV to make it a few day memory of it for them.

Although I am not giving up hunting and likely will still get in 20+ days of it in 2013, but plan on taking my family down to hunt with their Pap and uncle more, or back to hills and camp of Potter county, introduce them back to my roots, that is my plan anyway, now to make the calnedar match it, matches mine but not theirs so much. BUT if i do that it would leave my hill vacant for the rifle season and that just should not be, someone out there would enjoy it, it is custom made for families.
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