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New whoopin stick

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Am thinking of getting a Tikka T3 Hunter w/wood stock in .300 Win Mag. Any of you guys have questions, concerns or comments?
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Calling a Tikka a low end Sako is not a good comparison(and incorrect). A Tikka is not a low end Sako. It is a completely different rifle. And a completely different action. Sako builds an action the proper length for a cartridge. Tikka builds one action length and a bolt stop. A Tikka is in no way a Sako.

The word "composite" has replaced the word plastic because the word plastic has a negative connotation. If you want a rifle with plastic on it, then by all means buy it. But plastic is not for me. IMO it has ZERO place on a reliable, functioning hunting rifle. Just my opinion. But I will pass on the Tikka. However there are Sako's in my safe. Tom.
General Motors owns Cadillac and Chevrolet. So they have common ownerhip. And yes they may even share a few parts. But a comparison between the two would be incorrect IMO.

If the Tikka and Sako shared the same action then I would agree to a comparison. But the actions are night and day different. I do understand that there is some barrel sharing(not positive about that). But using the same barrel makes sense when mfr. costs are considered.

I see your point. And will concede a bit on your point. But I really believe there are major differences between the two. Kind of like Cadillac and Chevy.

And I do agree with you about the new Sako's. I like their older ones with nice walnut better myself. Tom.
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