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new to this but a few yotes here

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just joined HPA, but i like to coyote hunt, started when i was 18 so been at it 10 years or so, have killed 53 to date, heres a few pictures i have on my work computer

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Nice job. Welcome to HPA.

How do you like to hunt for coyote? What do you attribute your success too?
you arent related to gary rankin by chance are you?
i like to hunt them at night, on clear nights mostly, for most of my old set ups i needed at NW wind, if it wasnt then i didnt hunt, a lot of overgrown brush fields and old clearcuts, with plenty of coyotes......used to use cottontail in distress until everyone was doing it, then started using mark zepp custom aluminum calls, so much volume and ability to use your own voice to distort the sounds, use a rem 722 243, with 4-12 vx3 58 gr hornady vmax
I think that 53 qualifies you as an ACE. Quite a score there. Great pics too.
i had a lot of luck when i started there was not one other person where i was from hunting them, i remember back then i was getting 1 or 2 a everyone hunts them
Nice collection of yotes, welcome to HPA!!
teamkeystone said:
have killed 53 to date
Wow! Congratulations.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts